For my master's thesis at the University at Buffalo, I designed, built and wrote the controllers for an autonomous inverted pendulum named Vertigo.  Vertigo is a robotic platform with two confguration modes for locomotion, sphere-based and ground-based. In the sphere-based configuration, the robot is perched on top of a sphere, which it actuates to dynamically balance itself and navigate as a 3D inverted pendulum. This is the primary mode for which Vertigo was designed; however, the sphere can also be omitted, and control implemented in a secondary ground-based configuration.


  1. poster
  2. Missel, J.  "Design, Development and Control of Mobile Biaxial
    Inverted Pendulum,
    " M.S. Thesis, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2009, 254 pages; AAT 1469106
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